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Creating Value through Innovation

"Creativity is just connecting things"
Steve Jobs

The future is Digital and InnoTeam helps you prepare. We develop businesses of the future. Our specialty is Open Innovation, and we offer services to build new valuable businesses.


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Underwater Dive

New Ventures

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Corporate Innovation

Expert Developer

We develop new Projects based on our clients need and nothing else. The InnoTeam staff has a long track record on developing successful projects for clients that have generated substantial new business for its customers.

Grow Your Business

We can work with your new venture either as Advisors or we may engage more actively in the day-to-day development and running the business. Our goal is to bring your business on the fast track to success. 

Expert Guidance

Looking for the best path forward to innovate your business? InnoTeam works closely with your business to carve out the best path forward for your business prosper in the future. 

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The Team

Where the Passion Begins


Kjell Arne Jacobsen

Project and Innovation Strategist

Kjell Arne holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering from NTNU (1983), Ph.D. Studies at NTNU in Mathemical Modelling (1995) and an MBA in Technology Management from NTNU/NHH/MIT & Harvard (2019).
Kjell Arne has more than 30 years of experience at SINTEF as Innovation Entrepreneur where he developed and managed some of the most significant innovation projects. He has also served at most management positions at SINTEF and has worked with strategic partnerships for many years.

Tore Sæter

SMB Innovation Strategist

Tore holds a PhD in IT from NTNU and has experience from several international start-ups in the telecom sector as well as Telenor and SINTEF where he as a long and successful career in new Market Development . After a thriving career, we were pleased to welcome Tore Sæter to the team.


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